Scotland’s Most Exclusive Vacation and the World’s Most Unforgettable Experience.

About The Club

The Carlowrie Club is Scotland’s Most Unforgettable Vacation Experience, available to the world’s most discerning clients for Exclusive Use only through our carefully selected network of approved elite travel agents, consultants and lifestyle managers.

The Carlowrie Club blends exclusive use of arguably the finest and most luxurious Castle in all of Scotland, voted “one of the top three venues in Europe under 200 bedrooms” at the International Hotel Awards, with all inclusive hospitality of unrivalled luxury, convenience and service and a selection of unforgettable and exclusive VIP experiences which allow guests to enjoy both Scotland at her finest and the very best of what she has to offer.

Blessed with a land like no other – beautiful, magical, mystical mythical and breathtaking – The Carlowrie Club utilises our unparalleled knowledge, expertise and connections and combines these with the spirit of adventure which is in our DNA, our unwavering commitment to delivering peerless hospitality and to creating memories which will last a lifetime to provide an opportunity for discerning visitors to come together with those who matter most to them to enjoy a series of unforgettable experiences and priceless moments.

The Carlowrie Club has no membership requirements – it’s exclusivity naturally applies to a select audience – rather it provides the intangible ‘club like’ spirit of togetherness, adventure and privilege that only coming together with those you hold dearest can provide.

For those in perpetual pursuit of the best of the best.

Experience the Carlowrie Club Life...

If you would like to stay at The Carlowrie Club and enjoy a vacation experience like no other, or are interested in becoming an Approved Agent please get in touch.