Wake up in your own luxurious gallery


The contemporary interiors, scale and proportion of the rooms at Carlowrie Castle provide a dramatic showcase for the owner’s international private collection of ‘Urban’ and ‘Pop’ art – a unique insight into the work of the world’s emerging artists. There are over 70 pieces of art from 25 countries.


The Carlowrie Collection, as well as covering traditional street artists now working in formal gallery spaces, also covers artists using more traditional media with subject matters that deal with contemporary urban culture, political issues and the irony of today’s mass media and culture.



“My early inspiration, I guess, must have been subliminal. I spent many hours skate boarding in parks in the late 80’s oblivious to the significance of being surrounded by early urban art.” Andrew Marshall – CEO of Carlowrie Castle


The Beginning

The first two pieces that Andrew bought for the Carlowrie Collection were by Raiber Goh, a Cuban artist now living in Spain, and Nikhil Kirsh, a London artist now living in Iceland. Both are hanging in prominent rooms in Carlowrie Castle. The collection consists mainly of emerging artists from around the world but once in Carlowrie a few more well known British artist’s work can be spotted such as Banksy’s ‘Umbrella Girl’.

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